The Jeyes Heritage & Pharmacy Museum

The Source of The Sauces – Jeyes’s Northamptonshire Sauce.

To find out more about the tale of the two Northampton born brothers Philadelphus Jeyes and John Jeyes please visit our site dedicated to all things Jeyes and Sauce!

The History

For 376 years, the name of Jeyes, has certainly remained true to the motto “Tenex et Fidelis” engraved on the family crest. Tenacious and faithful to the profession of Pharmacy from the first John Jeyes 1635, to (Arthur) David Jeyes, in Earls Barton today, 2014 – an unbroken line of apothecaries, “chemists” and pharmacists serving local Northampton communities.


The Jeyes pharmacy business began in The Drapery, Northampton by our famous ancestors Philadelphus & John Jeyes. The partnership of the two brothers saw many inventions and business developments but none more important than the invention of the renowned Jeyes Fluid in 1870. Jeyes Fluid has achieved worldwide fame and still holds Royal Patronage today.  The business at The Drapery continued under the name Philadelphus Jeyes until 1969. However the name of Jeyes was not lost to pharmacy in Northamptonshire forever and in 1981 David Jeyes, Great Grandson to Philadelphus Jeyes and his wife Georgina Taylor of Taylors Coaches, Long Buckby, opened a chemist here in Earls Barton, Northamptonshire.

For many years Marie Taylor, mother of Georgina Jeyes gave fascinating talks about The Jeyes Family. Visitors to Jeyes on The Square, Earls Barton were captivated by the stories of the two brothers, the making of a household name Jeyes Fluid and Philadelphus Jeyes pharmacy history. It was through Marie’s knowledge and enthusiasm and our visitors’ interest in the history of the well-known household name Jeyes Fluid and its founders, John and Philadelphus that we, as a family began to develop the exhibition.

Our old fashioned cabinets are filled with items once used and sold in a traditional chemist and druggist store including medicines, perfumes and toiletries and a wide variety of dispensing equipment and containers for the drugs.

The exhibition is aimed to appeal to young and the young at heart, engaging everyone in the interesting world of pharmacy, medicine and the history of the Jeyes brother’s famous inventions which helped so many people during the Victorian era and are still household names today.

Through the use of Jeyes Fluid photos, quotes and artifacts visitors have been able to reminisce about generations of their own families using Jeyes Fluid.