Celebrity Bears

The Little Shop of Celebrity Bears

The Little Shop of Celebrity Bears is our room dedicated to well-loved bear characters including Rupert, Paddington and Winnie-the-Pooh.

Our star attraction is Rupert Bear with a lifetime collection of Rupert memorabilia. The Johnson family of Roade in Northamptonshire lovingly collected Rupert Bear merchandise for many years but in 2011 a plea from the family to re-home all their goodies was broadcasted across Northampton. The Jeyes family were excited and immediately went to visit the Johnsons and meet Rupert!

The Jeyes family fell in love with Rupert and now have over 300 items of memorabilia including Rupert annuals dating back to the 1950s, egg cups, figurines, wallpaper and even a 20-year-old packet of Rupert sweets.

To add to the theme we also have a circus tent filled with Rupert stories for children to read and a ‘peep through’ board for parents and children to have their photo taken with and even a little red car and yellow plane taken out of our favourite Rupert stories.

“It is a wonderful experience for those who remember Rupert from their childhood with affection and open the doors to a new generation.”