An award winning year for the Jeyes Family

Added on August 5th 2014

The Jeyes Heritage & Pharmacy Museum was crowned the Judges Special Award for Unique Heritage Experience At Northamptonshire Museums & Historic Houses Heritage Awards

Jeyes team with award at the shopFor many years we have been proud to have given a home to the Earls Barton Museum of Village Life – it has been a privilege to be a Trustee and welcome so many visitors, some researching family trees, historians, children and families on holiday from all over the world. It was suggested that as the Jeyes Heritage and Pharmacy Museum grew we should also join the Northamptonshire Museum and Historic Houses Forum in our own right, reaping the benefit of sharing and pooling ideas – spreading the word of local history. Whilst we may never find the bones of a Plantagenet king under the tarmac outside the chemist the stories and treasures that our visitors bring are fascinating! Rupert Bear, Paddington and Pooh have moved in as we gather more celebrity bears. Our sincere thanks go to local John St John for his dedication to maintaining, developing and adding to the miniature funfair – he is a hero who came to the rescue even bringing Thomas the Tank Engine to join the gang. Carol from Oundle Museum encouraged us to enter the Heritage Awards – as “new kids on an old block.” We had fun re-arranging our collection and realised how much we had gathered. Maurice Palmer has donated cameras to increase our photographic cabinets as years ago Jeyes were at the forefront in making photography available to amateurs.

The day dawned of the judges’ visit – they explored and we served coffee in old-fashioned Jeyes mugs, flowers on the table of lavender, foxgloves (digitalis), St John’s Wort, Philadelphus orange blossom.Jeyes Team with award

On the day of the awards ceremony we gathered at Sywell Aviator – so many worthy winners. Better luck next time, we thought, as John Griff of BBC Radio Northampton brought the evening to a close.

Suddenly the Judges Special Award for a Unique Heritage Experience was announced – a small family-run collection – Jeyes of Earls Barton!! We had actually won an award – a very special award. We rose to our feet as a family – David, Georgina, Pip and Anna to collect our award. Lost for words (I can hear you saying – that’s a joke!) it was left to me to speak at the mike. I thanked everybody, unfortunately not mentioning Mum, Marie Taylor whose enthusiasm for Jeyes Heritage was stalwart – she gave talks, collected, presented and dusted the original displays in old cabinets and insisted on us keeping it “alive”. She would have been so proud!

Do come and collect the booklet produced by the Forum full of historic sites
to visit in our “hidden treasure” county of Northamptonshire.Jeyes teamJeyes heritage A remark made by a soldier at the Battle of Bannockburn (24 June 1314) re-enactment in Stirling a few weeks ago – stayed with me “If you don’t know where you’ve been – you don’t know where you’re going.” All those history lessons at school and suddenly the penny dropped – you are never too old to learn!

Georgina Jeyes

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